Working at Aplitec

For more than 50 years, our motivated and passionate teams have assisted our clients as part of a lasting relationship, by being an exceptional partner with high added value, and highly proactive. Our priority is to surround ourselves with people of quality and trust, sharing the same human values: adaptability, excellence, managerial generosity, the desire to work together.

  •  120 employees
  • Average age of 35
  •  40% men / 60% women

Why work
with us?

Prestigious clients and activities

We work on missions with high added value, such as private equity, valuation, consolidation both under French and IFRS Gaaps, or on reportings for foreign companies.

Working at Aplitec means choosing the opportunity to grow alongside experts in specialised fields, serving a prestigious clientele including listed companies, groups and midcap companies/SMEs.


We make sure to assist our talents in a personalised manner throughout their career at Aplitec.
Our employees have the opportunity to be entrusted with rich and diverse missions in order to develop their knowledge and skills. Furthermore, this path is complemented by diverse training adapted to each profile.

Finally, at Aplitec we truly believe in our employees and do not hesitate to offer them professional growth commensurate with their talent.
Thus, more than 75% of our current partners were employees of the firm before becoming partners.


Our employees evolve in a caring work environment, surrounded by managers working towards nurturing their teams.

In addition to this unique work environment, our employees benefit from benefits such as profit-sharing,
a company savings plan with an employer matching contribution.



Manager – Audit department
On long-term contract since 2017


What made you choose Aplitec? – After an experience at a Big 4, I wanted to join a mid-size firm, offering real prospects for growth.
 joined as a senior auditor and I was promoted to manager position in less than 3 years.

Describe your day-to-day operations to us -With my team of 4 employees, we work on exciting missions such as auditing the certification of annual accounts of closely-held companies and on exceptional missions, both in terms of statutory audit and financial valuation.

What are your projects at Aplitec ? – Participating in the development and structuring of the “Transaction Service Department”, while obtaining my Chartered accountant diploma.


Manager – Accounting & advisory services department
On long-term contract since 2015


What made you choose Aplitec? – I chose Aplitec for the diversity of the missions offered and the work environment, which is very different from that of the Big 4. In addition, the firm is renowned for offering exciting missions with high added value.

Describe your day-to-day operations to us – I manage a team that works almost exclusively on accounting missions, consolidation and assistance missions to our client’s finance departments on various subjects: handling of technical subjects, the supervision and management of a team are my key tasks.

What are your projects at Aplitec ?  Continuing to expand my team, both in terms of its competences and its size!


Junior financial auditor
On long-term contract since 2019


What made you choose Aplitec? – I wanted to join a firm with: a human resource-oriented policy, exciting growth prospects, a spectrum of diverse missions, and allowing for both personal and professional growth.

Describe your day-to-day operations to us – Every day, I have new challenges.
I work both at our clients’ premisses in close contact with the client, and in our office with my team.
We are always at the disposal of our new recruits, and put our experience to good use to supervise them when they join us.

What are your projects at Aplitec ? Continuing to develop new competences, taking exams (AMF exam for example) and, ultimately, managing a team as senior auditor.


Manager – accounting and advisory services department
On long-term contract since 2010


What made you choose Aplitec? – The know-how and technical qualities of the teams, as well as the care taken in customer relations are highly essential for me, and I have seen that at Aplitec. In addition, there is a friendly atmosphere that is very appreciable in the day-to-day operations!

Describe your day-to-day operations to us – My day-to-day operations consist of supervising, managing and continuously training several employees. I check their work (accounting, tax returns, annual accounts, etc.), and address the questions and issues raised by our clients.

What are your projects at Aplitec ? Move quickly to the position of senior manager, and actively participate in the selection and implementation of business tools.


Audit Senior Auditor
On long-term contract since 2015


What made you choose Aplitec? – The diversity of the missions offered and the work environment convinced me to join this dynamic and ambitious company just after my internship at Aplitec. The well-being of employees and work-life balance being one of the firm’s priorities, it was an obvious choice for me.

Describe your day-to-day operations to us – I work on audit missions, exceptional missions (due diligences, mergers, etc.) and transversal projects (development of tools, training, recruitment, etc.).
This diversity motivates me further and enriches my skills.

What are your projects at Aplitec ? – Developing my skills and using my experience to help the firm’s growth (in terms of business as well as tools).

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