due diligences



Drawing on their experience in auditing of companies in a large range of industries sectors, our teams carry out financial due diligence for acquisition or transfer on behalf of entrepreneurs, companies or investment funds.

These missions differ from traditional audit missions in that they focus on identifying key risks faced by the entity (valuation of intangibles, major contracts, off-balance sheet items, internal audit shortcomings, cash flow forecasts, transactions with related parties, etc.), which may have an impact on its purchase price. This intervention can lead to corrective actions or to the interruption of the acquisition or transfer process.

Strategic and forecasting analysis plays a major role in the process. We therefore pay lot of attention to the operational and human organisation, historical and forecast performance, the structure and financial forecasts.

We also assist companies in the preparation or collection of information related to the acquisition or transfer process (physical or electronic data room).

“A business approach targeting Small Cap and Mid Cap companies, implemented by complementary teams, such is our DNA at the service of companies and investment funds.

Sébastien LE NÉEL


A tailor-made expertise

Our flexibility and responsiveness enable us to cover the essential aspects of due diligence (accounting and financial, operational and forecasting). The work is carried out by a dedicated team with the required competence and which is regularly involved in this type of mission. The latter also involves our legal departments (labour law, tax law, etc.).

Our approach is based on the understanding the business model of the company. The analysis of income flows and cost structures makes it possible to objectively assess the sustainability of the operation as well as to confirm or reject the forecast assumptions used by the management.

To carry out these missions efficiently, we prefer direct exchanges both with our prescribers and with the audited entities by giving utmost importance to the human aspect.