At Aplitec, we firmly believe that our role as chartered accountants and auditors goes far beyond just numbers. We are committed to integrating responsible and sustainable practices into all our activities. With a team of 130 dedicated professionals, our firm is committed to being a proactive player in the change towards a more sustainable future.

Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach is not limited to the environment. It also includes social and economic initiatives aimed at creating a lasting positive impact.

In this context, Aplitec had a CSR report drawn up by an independent body and obtained a score of 79/100, placing us in the first category.

Aplitec’s CSR values are based on 3 pillars:

1 – Placing ethics at the heart of our relationships

  • People at the heart of the company: working together, respecting human rights and gender equality, working in a spirit of trust and benevolence, …
  • An independent firm: an independent financial structure that allows independence from clients and partners.
  • Good Business Practice: Ethics expected from our clients and all stakeholders.

2 – Adopting an environmentally friendly approach

  • Aplitec is committed to a process of improving environmental management.
  • Actions have already been carried out aimed inparticular at reducing energy consumption, recycling, 100% digitalisation, reducing travel through teleworking, etc.
  • In this context, Aplitec has carried out a Carbon Assessment. Areas for improvement have been identified, including the continuation of the measures undertaken and also an awareness-raising approach to our customers.

3 – Creating a quality work environment

  • An integration process: Onboarding, …
  • A sustainable career path from apprenticeship to partnership : multi-year career plan, employee training policy, etc.
  • An efficient working environment: high-performance and ergonomic IT and work tools
  • … and convivial: afterwork, summer party, …
  • A Sharing of Value: Profit-sharing and matching contributions, employee savings.
  • Support towards a better life: teleworking, encouragement to do sport, sponsorship efforts at sporting events, first aid training, …